Overview: (Left) Our Mobileportation prototype integrating a 360 degree panoramic camera and a depth camera into a self contained mobile form factorling. (Middle) Using Mobileportation allows for spontaneous telepresence between mobile devices by capturing the environment and the users within. (Right) Example of the streamed 3D environment when using the depth camera of Mobileportation (not showing the users avatar).

Abstract:The desire to stay connected to one another over large distances has guided decades of telepresence research. Most focuses on stationary solutions that can deliver high-fidelity telepresence experiences, but these are usually impractical for the wider population who cannot afford the necessary proprietary equipment or are unwilling to regress to non-mobile communication. In this paper we present Mobileportation, a nomadic telepresence prototype that takes advantage of recent developments in mobile technology to provide immersive experiences wherever the user desires by allowing for seamless transitions between ego- and exocentric views within a mutually shared three-dimensional environment. The results of a user study are also discussed that show Mobileportation’s ability to induce a sense of presence within this environment and with the remote communication partner, as well as the potential of this platform for future telepresence research.

Acknowledgements: This work is supported by a University of Otago PhD scholarship.